A Ballad for Southwell, what participants said:

We have had some lovely feedback on our latest project ‘A Ballad for Southwell’ with Chris T-T’s at The Workhouse, Southwell. Here’s what the participants had to say:

For me it has been a great experience. I have been a reseracher here for 19 years. It is easy to get stuck in a rut. This project has given me new insights into how some of the research can be used in new ways. The research I have done over the last 2 years has been used in a variety of new ways – in the songs of Chris T-T, some of the new technologies that have been trialled in recent months at the Workhouse, includng being involved in recording some of the songs, and discussing song structure with Chis. It has been good to work with him and CommonAs – Lesley & Darren. They have been inspiring to us and I think we have been a valuable source for them. – Workhouse Volunteer

I thought it was brilliant. – National Trust Staff Member   

Marvellous. The personalities of the organisers and the creative people made it a compelling project. The whole team were very welcoming and it was obvious to all how engaged they were. Thank you.  – Workhouse Volunteer

New ways of interpreting the story is always good. Different media appeal to different people. Chris was a very approachable person. – Workhouse Volunteer

I was pleasantly surprised by the number of volunteers who get involved with the project and delighted with the variety of responses to those contributions by Chris TT. The concert on the 14th October was particularly enjoyable – the songs were particularly moving in the workhouse setting. – National Trust Staff Member

Chris was easy to engage with and is a great live performer, visitors clearly enjoyed his work. He quickly understood the ‘spirit of place’ of The Workhouse so he was a good fit with the property. – National Trust Staff Member

It felt very true to the research about people in and of The Workhouse but with a modern edge, making more widely relevant or accessible today. – Freelance Consultant Curator